Welcome to Lakewood Youth!

Our mission is to Expand the Light by helping youth and families to seek, serve, and share the message of Jesus Christ.

Our vision is to be an open fellowship of young disciples on a mission to change the world for Jesus Christ.



Sunday Morning Youth L.I.F.E. Groups
We meet each Sunday at 10 am in the
Youth area for announcements and small groups designed to help us Live In Faith Every day, led by our Adult Role Models, or ARMS.

Sunday Night Live is the Lakewood UMY "Main Event," from 5:45 - 7:30 pm. Enjoy food, fun, and friends as well as varied experiences and fun events. The doors and game room open at 5:15 pm.

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Events and Trips

Lakewood Youth Events include Praise the Roof, Hunger4aReason, Youth Week, and Fall Retreat.  We always participate in Ozark Mission Project camps, and during spring break our senior high youth travel to destinations such as Chicago or Costa Rica.

Our state conference also hosts many activities, including Junior and Senior High Assembly, the Wild River Country lock-in, Refuge, and Veritas (the largest gathering of Methodist Youth in the state).

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Stay Connected

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