Applied Light Wednesday Nights begin again on Wednesday, September 14! Join us for a family-friendly meal at 5:30 pm followed by classes and groups for all ages at 6:15 pm.

How does the Bible apply to us today? What does it mean to be a Christian? How can I grow in my faith? How can I connect with God and others?
What are we having for dinner ???

If any of these questions sound familiar, here is your chance to slow down, enjoy food and fellowship, and grow stronger in your faith. All in one evening…and you’ll still be home by 7:30 pm! 

Applied Light meals are served in Wesley Hall from 5:30 – 6:15 pm. The cost is $5 for adults and $3 for children for a tasty, well-balanced meal. And if money's tight, come on anyway, we've got you covered!

Applied Light Classes and groups for all ages are 6:15 – 7:15 pm:

  • Real Kids! (Ages K - 5th Grade) with Jill Dillman and Rochelle Gray will have games and FUN!
  • YOUTH (6th – 12th grades) with Kat Marsh will begin our Wednesday night Youth programming.
  • Parenting Discussion Group: Parents will unwind, have fun, and discuss common issues like "messy parenting," busy schedules, and screen time. Come join in! Rev. Jonathon Bevil is trying to get a count to determine the best place to meet, so please email him if you're interested.
  • Introduction to the Old Testament: Explore the many "voices" of the biblical text, gain insight from scholars, and take a video tour of archaeological sites with Senior Pastor Rev. Luke Conway ). Hear the magnificence of Creation, discover the wisdom teachings, and explore the poetry of this integral part of the Christian bible.
  • Set apart: Holy Habits of Prophets and Kings Women's Bible Study: Join Rev. Cindy Henry for this look at Old Testament prophets and kings who were set apart by their close walk with God. A class will also be offered on Wednesday mornings at 10 am in Room C8 / RK theater. The workbook is $12 and available at the first session.