I am so excited to offer you an invitation to check out Lakewood United Methodist Church. If you do not have a church home or have given up on organized "church," I think you will discover Lakewood to be a place of healing and hope.

We have something for everyone, with active ministries for all ages. We have specific and highly qualified staff members who oversee children, youth, and adult ministries. There are also a number of places where you can experience the excitement of serving others, in and outside of the church.

Come check us out! If you have questions, please call our church office at 501-753-6186 or reach me directly by email.


Rev. Luke Conway,
Senior Pastor

Our Mission

Just about anyone at Lakewood can tell you our mission:

To "Expand the Light by Seeking, Serving, and Sharing the message of Jesus Christ."

We do that in many ways: we seek the message of Jesus Christ in worship, in our many faith development groups, and in our fellowship together. We serve the message by loving everyone and through our work to help the homeless, the working poor, the hungry, the grieving. And we share the message in our Sunday sermons, our communications, and through our daily lives.

The Methodist Way

John Wesley and the early Methodists placed primary emphasis on Christian living, on putting faith and love into action, and that emphasis continues.

To help us decide matters of faith, we begin with Scripture and also use the Christian tradition, our own experience, and our our ability to reason.  All of these sources work together to help us decide matters of faith, such as ordaining women, which we have done since 1761.

Grace pervades our understanding of Christian faith and life.  By grace we mean the undeserved, unmerited, and total loving action of God in human existence through the presence of the Holy Spirit.

One of the ways we celebrated our 60th Anniversary was a video about our deep roots as part of the Lakewood community in North Little Rock. We spoke to those who were there when this wonderful church began.

60 Years at Lakewood:

Why is it important that we celebrate our birth as a church? It's important to know our story. It's important to remember those who came before us.

And we are still being God's people in this time and place. Our building is buzzing with activity. Right now we are hosting families without homes as part of Family Promise, and we're also hosting staff for the Ozark Mission Project getting ready for a camp here next week. Tonight we are feeding about 100 folks at the Salvation Army. We are visiting and praying for those who are aging and hurting. Our children's team is busy with plans for Vacation Bible School in two weeks.  

Amazing things can happen when you have faith. We embrace the future while also remembering the past because our past reminds us to be faithful.  God's not finished with us yet!!!

Rev. Cindy Henry